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Global Gaming Expo Greatly Succeed

Date : 2017-10-16     Views : 189

2017 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) have been grandly held in the Sands Expo convention center Las Vegas America in October 3rd to 5th. The Expo holds once a year. Global Gaming Expo(G2E) is one of the world`s premier international gaming trade show and have been named one of the top 10 trading all over the world,which also exported by leading national trade industry.

    As an emerging manufacturing enterprise in receipt printer industry, Shenzhen Masung Technology Co., Ltd
  would be honored to be invited to the Expo with our self-development high quality products,our booth number is 5431. In all those products we have exhibited through the Expo, our brand new design EP802 series kiosk printer shines in this show, the precise construction in internal, stable printing function and extensive use(Can be used in Lottery kiosk, Gaming machine, Ticket vendor etc.) of EP802 serial have won customer`s favorite in the meeting place,and also have become a major highlight of the exhibition for Masung. we have every reason to believe that it will be more brilliant and sparkling in international arena.

     The Expo is the first gaming trade show we have joined in,it broadens our horizon and opens our minds, we also make full use of this opportunity to further enhance company`s awareness and influence,comprehend international market`s needs of
 receipt printer,lay a firmer foundation for advancing to foreign markets,and deeply understand the characteristics of peer advanced enterprise products,so as to better play our own advantages.

    Through this Expo, we have demonstrated innovative product design and professional technical level.we also reap a lot, not only do we meet American client`s satisfaction of micro kiosk printer,but also pave the steps for Masung to completely open up the vast American market. We will keep working to let more and more people know our brand “MASUNG”, Shenzhen Masung Technology Co.,Ltd !

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