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MS-D245 kiosk printer module won bidding of thailand post queue kiosks

Date : 2019-05-11     Views : 128

With the popularization of information technology and the popularity of unmanned machinery, more and more postal service have begun to adopt self-service ticket terminals.MS-D245 kiosk printer module won bidding of thailand post queue kiosks.MS-D245 is one of model compact size 2 inch thermal kiosk printer which take used of seiko printer head & auto cutter. Its high realiability was welcomed by users.

Its can support huge big paper roll and also accept client own-design paper roll bracket. USB and serial port are optional for terminal user to choice. Its cutting mode can support “full or patrial cutting by adjustable”.

Moreover, by technical innovation, our this 2 inch printer module adapts to raspberry pi this newest ARM platform development. This offer kiosks manufacturer more flexible way to make cost down solution.As a professional embedded printer manufacturer, we are committed to providing more quality products and services for a variety of industries including logistics, transportation and finance. You are welcome to email us.


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