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Panel Thermal Printer MS-FPT301K applied to Catering industry

Date : 2019-06-21     Views : 204

Life is inseparable from three meals a day, and it is already inseparable from the restaurant. In the past few years, the cash registers used in the retail industry were generally more desktops. With the continuous innovation of cash register technology and the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics, at present, the hanging self-service ordering machine has gradually become the new favorite of the catering industry.


The MS-FPT301K is one of module compact size 2 inch&3 inch thermal panel printer which adopted reliable printer head & auto cutter. Loved by customers because the heavy duty function.


It is characterized by the ability to change paper when the lid is opened, and is equipped with a key for unattended self-service equipment, which increases the safety of the equipment and makes it easier and faster for customers to change paper.


It will be our great honor to provide more professional services and swift response for all of customers who need thermal printers as a kiosk printer manufacturer.


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