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Huinong terminal project

Date : 2019-05-11     Views : 155

     In order to comprehensively implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, he profoundly comprehend the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and unify the thought and action to the central authorities on comprehensively deepening the rural reform, accelerating the spirit of agricultural modernization and deploying them to further promote the "three rural" Work, and strive to create a new situation in China's agricultural and rural reform and development, and truly make agriculture strong, rural beauty up, farmers get rich. Under the guidance of the document of the Ministry of Industry and Information [2010] No. 183, the China Electronic Commerce Association's three rural service office, in the Circular of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments on accelerating the implementation of information-related projects Development and high holding [2014] 46) the spirit of the request, the introduction of "national rural informatization e-commerce benefits agricultural support project." And the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office of China Poverty Alleviation and Development Association of the strong support. China Electronic Commerce Association three rural service office is the national letter of China Electronic Commerce Association under the department, is mainly responsible for the development of rural e-commerce needs, the development of rural e-commerce talent skills certification standards, the preparation of rural e-commerce training program, organized rural electronic Business personnel training, promotion of popular rural e-commerce technology applications.
      By the Shenzhen City, the United States and Song Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in the benefits of agricultural terminal project, first in Gansu Province has been widely used. This project is also a rural commercial banks in Gansu Province, another important service to help farmers, the use of one machine design, the whole appearance of small, lightly installed to every village, the real sense of convenience services.
      This is known as the agricultural version of the "Taobao" system terminal, officially launched in Gansu. Gansu Agricultural Bank to serve the three rural "four financial" platform, terminal equipment like a "small bank", installed above the "financing" "financing" "financial intelligence" "financial business" four plates, the villagers according to their own needs For access to money, pay business calls, inquiries, agricultural information and other services. This is a self-help development by the bank, relying on ABC's huge customer base, specifically for farmers to serve a platform. Different from the "Taobao" and other online shop, agricultural firms launched the three rural "four financial" platform for the crowd is the farmers, can query the price of agricultural products, experts online and offline consultation and other services, the most important difference is " Access money "and print the receipt information.
    The system terminal is equipped with a standard 58mm wide heat with a knife printer, the printer structure is small, the use of integrated design, cost is very high, but also innovative printer new paper path and jam prevention, greatly Reduce the maintenance costs, the real sense of the convenience of service, into the community, into the countryside!


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