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“All-in-one” dot matrix printer which is integrates with STAR paper presenter and printer mechanism and auto cutter.
Brand name printer mechanism
Brand name paper presenter (ejects & retracts ticket)
Reliable auto cutter
 “Anti- paper jam” system
Black mark sensor available
Ultra big paper roll holder
Available paper width range (from 58mm to 82.5 mm)

Product Introduction


Printer mechanism:STAR MP512
Paper presenter:PR521-24
Printing type9 pin serial dot matrix
Printing density42 CPL-210 full dots/ 420 half dots
40 CPL-200 full dots/ 400 half dots
Printing width42 CPL: 42 (7*7)/35 (5*7)
40 CPL: 40 (7*7)/33 (5*7)
Printing speed4.0 L/S  ( in 42 CPL)
4.2 L/S  ( in 40 CPL)
Printing directionbi-directional (logic seeking control)
Paper feed speed140 mm/s ( max)
Paper feed direction180° auto loading
FontASCII : 5*7 ;  7*7
Chinese: 15*16 ( GB18030)
BM detection6*12 mm diamond BM
Paper typeNormal white paper
Paper thickness0.06~0.085 mm
Paper width58/76/80/82.5 mm
Command setESC/POS
Cartridge ribbonRC200P  ( black or purple)
Power supplyDC 24 V/ 3 A
Working environment
Storage environment-20~70 ℃ / 5~95% RH
Dimension :273.7*156.6*141.3 mm
SystemWindows/Linux/Android OS
Optional accessoriesPower supply unit
Blue paper bezel
Multiple sensors
Cartridge ribbon

Deposit kiosk; ticket vendor; healthcare equipments, financial kiosk, ATM and more


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